Kond Gallery, Spray paint, Yerevan, Armenia, July 2019

Cyclops, Spray paint, collaboration with Patmi Cultural NGO, in Meghradzor, Armenia, July 2019

Healing Remedies, Spray paint, Collaboration with Patmi Cultural NGO, July 2019

Keep Growing, Spray paint, Montreal, QC, June 2019

La loteria, Mezcal Mural, Spray paint and ink on board. October 2018

Akira's Alley, Montreal, QC. (first photo - June 2017, second photo - July 2018) 
Bloom, Bitch!, Spray paint on wall, with Chris Dyer (character on right), Jesterisation (above), and Adida Fallen Angel (far right)

Radiate Love, Spray paint on wood, Off-Mural Fest, Montreal, QC. 

Spray paint and oil stick. Sao Paolo, Brazil. with Mika Guei (left) March 2018
Pictured with women and children from the neighbourhood

Spray paint. Sao Paolo, Brazil. with Caluz (each side) March 2018

Spray Paint. Sao Paolo, Brazil. with Clown (left). March 2018

Spray paint and drip marker. Curitiba, Brazil. Collab with Pedro Loyola. March 2018

Spray Paint. Curitiba, Brazil. March 2018

Spray Paint, September 2017, with Jest (left)

Spray Paint, August 2017

Spray Paint, July 2017

Spray Paint, July 2017, with Jest (right)

Corner piece, Spray Paint and Oil Bar, June 2017

Spray Paint, first painted May 2015, repainted June 2017

Spray paint, June 2017

Collab with Jesterisation, Spray paint, November 2016

Spray paint, September 2016
 Spraypaint, August 2016